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Charter Board Members

  • Position 1 - Bill Arsenault, Chair
  • Position 2 - Cynde Pakros
  • Position 3 - Scott Cooper
  • Position 4 - Virgil Young
  • Position 5 - Candy Weatherly
  • Position 6 - Travis Heath

If you need to contact a board member please contact:

Melissa Whitley

Meeting Times

Elkton Charter Board meets at 6:00 p.m. in the high school library on the following dates:

  • May 21, 2018

*Dates and start times may vary.*

*Please refer to the agendas. *


TO: Parents/Guardians & Community Members

FROM:  Superintendent Andy Boe

I want to take this opportunity to discuss with you the mission statement and educational philosophy of Elkton Charter School.  The mission of Elkton Charter School is to recognize the unique community involvement of a small, rural school and the exceptional education that can be achieved through that community.

Elkton Charter School will provide a curriculum that is seamlessly articulated K-12, and aligned to the state standards to meet the Oregon requirements for a high school diploma.  Taking advantage of the school’s location and staff talents, emphasis will be in the area of Natural Resources.  Our students will be expected to design their personalized education plan, focusing on high, achievable goals, a strong work ethic, and self-motivation.  Elkton Charter School will develop and maintain curricular content that is articulated K-12 and aligned to the state standards in English, mathematics, science and social science.  The program for the Arts will be developed as art, music, metal shop, wood shop, agriculture, and automotive.  Physical education will include elementary and secondary grades.  The educational program, pupil performance standards and curriculum designed and implemented by Elkton Charter School shall meet or exceed applicable content standards adopted by the state and shall be designed to enable each pupil to achieve such standards.

Elkton staff will receive training in their specific content area(s); innovative teaching techniques; classroom management; curriculum development; charter school development and implementation; methodology related to effective practices within a small, rural educational environment; and other areas of professional development.

Elkton Charter School Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:

The Vision of Elkton Charter School is to recognize the exceptional education that can be achieved through a small rural community while empowering our students to be active participants in a global society.

Mission Statement:

Students attending Elkton Charter School will be provided with a K-12 curriculum that is aligned with state standards. Taking advantage of the school’s location and staff talents, natural resources will be used as an integrated context for learning.