Junior High Girls Basketball


2008 Little Fir League Friendly Games

Jamboree at Elkton Grade School/High School
Dates:November 1st, 2008
Times: Gym will be open at 9:00am   First contest begins at 10:00am.
Place: Carl M. Grimsrud Gymnasium, ElktonHigh School and ElktonGrade School Gyms
Concessions may be available at the High School on the stage. Please help us keep the gym clean by  having your players put trash in the proper containers.
Admission will be $2.00 for adults to help defray the cost of officials.
Towels will not be provided. Each team must provide its own towels.
Locker room facilities will be available as needed. Players are encouraged to keep their belongings with them at all times after changing.
Trophies: Trophies will not be awarded. We want to encourage teams to play to have fun and not place such an emphasis on winning.
Game Rules:
A. Game Length: Each mini-game will be 12 minutes in length, running time.
B.   There is one timeout per game per team.
C. The clock will stop for timeouts and on whistles in the last minute.
D. Three personal fouls will disqualify a player from the game.
E. Teams will be given 2 minutes of warm-up time between contests and games will start early if both teams are ready.
F. Pressing will only be allowed if the score is tied or a team is trailing.
G. Game Ball: Intermediate, official 28.5 size.
E.  Three point shots will count as three points.
G. Coaches are expected to play all their players, these games are meant to be fun and for players and teams to gain valuable experience.
F.   Every team is expected to display exemplary sportsmanship.
The schedule
At the Grade School (BTeam)                            At the High School (A Team)
            Home (white) vs.          Away (dark)                              Home (white)    vs.       Away (dark)
10:00   Yoncalla           vs.        Oakland                                   Yoncalla           vs.        Oakland
10:30   Elkton              vs.        Glide                                        Elkton              vs.        Glide
11:00   Oakland           vs.        Glide                                        Oakland           vs.        Glide
11:30   Elkton             vs.        Oakland                                   Elkton              vs.        Oakland
12:00   Yoncalla           vs.        Glide                                        Yoncalla           vs.        Glide
12:30   Elkton              vs.        Yoncalla                                   Elkton              vs.        Yoncalla
We are looking forward to hosting an exciting tournament!
Rob Parker, Elkton School District Athletic Director,
541-584-2228 ext. 209