Board Pic

Back row from left:  Pam Madison,  Seth Williamson, Dan Burke, and Doug Byle

Front row from left:  King Phelps, Candy Weatherly, and Roger Holcomb


The Elkton School District is committed to producing a superior, safe learning environment that prepares graduates for further education and entry into the workforce.  Students from our district will be confident to live and work in a diverse society.

  • POSITION - 1 Candy Weatherly, Board Vice Chair
  • POSITION - 2 Sarah Wood, Board Member
  • POSITION - 3 Seth Williamson, Board Chair
  • POSITION - 4 King Phelps, Board Member
  • POSITION - 5 Dan Burke, Board Member
  • POSITION - 6 Roger Holcomb, Board Member
  • POSITION - 7 Doug Byle, Board Member

If you need to contact a board member please contact:
Melissa Whitley, 541*584-2228, ext. 226