CTE Lab Fridays

CTE Shop Lab Fridays


This last year has certainly been challenging for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  With a restrictive class schedule due to cohorting, the CTE programs at Elkton High School had to find creative ways to continually engage students and allow access to specific classes including wood shop and welding.  The solution: offering wood shop and welding labs on Fridays.  With only a six period day Monday through Thursday, this restricted the number of shop classes offered during the day.  Those CTE classes are now offered through “Shop Lab Fridays”.  During the regular school week, only eight students able to access wood shop and welding courses.  With the addition of Shop Lab Fridays, an additional nineteen students have access to these CTE courses.  Wood shop is offered from 8:00AM to 10:00AM and welding is offered from 10:00AM to noon.  Students who are enrolled in these courses receive the same instruction and complete the same projects as students enrolled in these classes during the week.  The addition of Shop Lab Fridays was only intended to serve students for the current school year. However with the success it has had, it may lead to further opportunities even after this school year.