Food Drive

Annual  Food Drive


LET’S SPREAD GOOD CHEER AND FORTUNE—if you have a little to share and would like to give, we invite you to be a part of our annual food drive!


You may drop off  non-perishable food items at the

Elkton Grade School, Elkton High School, Brandborg Winery, The Elkton Community Education Center,

Elkton Bible Baptist Church and River Banks Speedy Mart.


Monetary donations can be be dropped into donation cans at

various local spots such as

Arlene’s Café, Tomaselli’s Bakery, Brandborg Winery,

River’s Edge Winery, ECEC, Elkton High School and

Grade School Offices, Farm Pickins, Bradley Vineyard,

And Riverbank Speedy Mart


Monetary donations made at the Grade School or High School offices will receive a tax deductible donation letter.


Donations are distributed to families of our Elkton Charter School. Your generosity is appreciated beyond measure.

Should you have any questions you may contact

Melissa Whitley at 541-584-2228 ext. 200