We were excited to welcome the New Year here in the Elkton School District! It has been a busy winter full of activities and learning! To be honest though, I think the short days have everyone looking forward to spring!!

Our High school basketball teams have been keeping our weekends busy. The young men and women who are competing have made us all proud with their determination to be successful. Success, not always measured in wins and losses, is measured in our ability to demonstrate good sportsmanship and persevere through difficult situations. Our teams have shown the ability to do this. We are very proud of them. Likewise, we are very proud of our Robotics and Knowledge Bowl teams that have been successful in recent weeks. This demonstrates how well rounded and engaged our student body is!

As the District continues to look at the possibility of running a bond in 2019, some of the board will be travelling to Salem to attend a bond workshop. We hope to learn about the most effective ways to generate interest in a bond issue, and to learn about all the ins and outs of running one. Our primary need is for more space at the grade school. This includes instructional space, cafeteria space and phasing out of our modular classrooms that have met their life expectancy. We will have much more information out about the possibilities as well as the financial obligations that would follow.

Our House and Virtues programs are up and fully functioning at both schools. These are both designed to create a positive atmosphere in our District while promoting equity and engagement. We will be setting up another informational meeting in March about these programs so please feel free to come and learn more about the programs and why we chose them.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or stop by. I am extremely proud of our schools and of everyone involved to make them successful. As with any great organization we are always looking for ways to improve! Your feedback is very important to our success. I have left my contact information below.

Go Elk!!

Andy Boe


541-584-2228 ext. 202