Welcome back for a brand new school year! Our first week was exciting and engaging as we rolled out several new initiatives in our District. The week included opening ceremonies at both schools that were fun and exciting. Our goal was to have students feel welcome and get off on the right foot. I think we achieved this end. The looks on kids’ faces as they were greeted by staff and their peers was absolutely priceless. As with all things, we are already looking at ways to improve on this year and will continue this new tradition in the future.

As the year unfolds we will be using our new House system to involve kids in new and exciting ways. The system is being implemented as a support to our new virtues curriculum and engagement teaching strategies. All of these things are being done with the end goal being to develop the skills in our students to be successful when they leave us. This includes the raising of expectations on all of us to have a high standard of teaching and learning. We have offered two parent nights in the last few weeks so that parents had the opportunity to offer their input and learn about these new strategies. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

As always the fall is a busy time with athletics and other activities! Keep checking and re checking the calendar as things are added or changed. We have links through our face book page to the calendar as another resource. Also, remember to sign up for Flash Alert so that you receive messages on school closures or other things that might come up. It is going to be a great year!


Go Elks!!

Andy Boe