UPDATE 9/15/20 RE: Returning to Onsite Learning and Parent Survey:

The Elkton School District plans to re-open 4th-8th grades on September 28. The High School will open the following week on October 5th. We will operate in a Hybrid learning mode offering Distance learning and onsite learning at the same time. Here are a few details:

--High School start time is 8:00 am. Dismissal time is 2:10pm.

--Grade School start time is 9:30 am. Dismissal time is 3:40 pm.

--Reminder that students will be required to wear face coverings at school in compliance with OHA mandate.

--Reminder that bus times will adjust to meet the late start/early dismissal schedule.

--We have attached a Google Survey asking who will come back to learn on site and who will ride the bus. Please complete the survey as soon as possible.

Return To Onsite Learning Survey

Andy Boe

Superintendent Elkton School District #34

Operational Blueprint Elkton Grade School

Operational Blueprint Elkton High School

Safety - Equity - Instruction - What's Next?

Update from Supt. Andy Boe - 6.24.20

The District has begun planning for next year and we are hopeful that we will have students in classes.  Our goals for next year will revolve around keeping our community and schools safe. The Oregon Department of Education has issued guidance for us to re-open our schools and we are developing a plan to pull it off. The good news is that these plans, although full of state required guidance, are going to be driven by the local school board. Unless something changes drastically for the worse, we plan to meet our goal of a safe, responsible, in-person opening.

Our delivery model will have changed for our students when they return. We expect to be offering not only in-person instruction but also some form of distance learning for students and families. The hope is that we can be flexible and effective in designing instruction that fits the needs of all learners. This includes families that are not ready to send students back, or students who are displaying symptoms that require them to stay home. This is a heavy “lift” for our system, but we are up to the task.

We face many challenges as we develop plans to re-open. Virtually every aspect of our operation will be affected as we work to implement guidelines. We will have firm decisions made on bussing, schedule, etc. during the second week of August. We realize that this is a ways off. However, the time it takes to develop plans in this ever changing environment is extreme. We need to provide you with information that is sound. The last thing we want to do is issue multiple varied and conflicting information.

Did I mention that we are also building a new gym and classrooms at the Grade School? Our bond project continues to progress and you will see significant changes in our existing building when you come back! There will be some remodeled classrooms, a new and safer front office design and a brand new kitchen. We will likely begin work on the new construction later in the fall.

These are exciting times. We look forward to serving you in the fall.


Andy Boe, Superintendent

Elkton School District #34



Update 4/16/20

I hope that this note finds all of you well! Here at the School we are beginning to fall into somewhat of a routine of preparing, presenting and sending lessons. The work on our end is different but no less challenging. I think I speak for all of the staff when I say that we want kids back! I have included a few links and updates below for your consideration:

--We have not made any decisions about Graduation as of yet. We are holding out hope that we can have some kind of in person ceremony. However, we do have a few ideas of things to do if we cannot. We will wait two more weeks to make a decision.

-- New Guidance for graduation requirements and grading were released recently by ODE. The nuts and bolts of this guidance are:

As you can see there are a few changes to the Class of 2021 graduation requirements. Also, classes during this spring term will be graded as Pass /Incomplete. This guidance is required by the State and is not up for our local School board to change. I have included the link to the ODE website that gives you all of the latest information and resources from them.

--Remember that your first line of contact for most things is your teacher. They will then work to get answers and connect you to the right resources. If you have tech issues, please call the teacher during their office hours and they will work with the tech department to get you assistance. We have very few replacement machines at the moment so please be gentle with the ones you have! We have ordered a few more, but as you can imagine they are difficult to get right now.

--The bond project will continue for now as we begin some of the demolition at the Grade School in preparation for renovation and new construction. Our buildings remain closed for general use, but our contractors have implemented guidelines that are allowable by the state and they continue to do some work. Additionally, our maintenance staff has been working hard on projects in the hopes to have a head start for summer.

-- It is Likely that we will have students come in small, scheduled groups to get their personal items from lockers and cubbies towards the end of May. Look for that announcement in your Team Meetings and posted in the usual places. This Decision will be guided by restrictions on social distancing.

--Our hope is that we are able to open our Schools in the fall for students. We are planning for this. We are also planning for extended or intermittent closures as the Virus does what it does. We appreciate your understanding as we work our way through all of this.

Hang in There!

Andy Boe, Superintendent

Elkton School District #34



Parents and Community:

The last few Days have been a whirlwind of news and decisions made at the State level. As this situation seems to change regularly, I will stick with what we know for sure:

--By order of the Governor, students will not return to school buildings this year. We will continue to provide educational services through our “distance learning for all” platform. We have just mailed out Chromebooks for the launch next week. Packets are also on the way.

-- We received guidance from the State on our Class of 2020 graduates. I have attached this guidance below. We will be reaching out to each Senior to verify their status and provide supports for things like college admissions, FAFSA, scholarships, etc.

-- All State championships and sporting events are cancelled for the spring season.

Here are a few things that we will need to work through during the coming weeks and months:

--Celebrating the successes of our 2020 Seniors will be a priority. We will be working on a way that complies with the State rules for gatherings, but somehow allows students to celebrate the achievement. Look for this announcement as we get to Mid-May and we have better guidance from the State on gatherings and our limitations.

--We are awaiting guidance from the State on how we will award credit and grades for 9th -11th graders. It is likely that all of the Spring classes will be graded on a Pass/Fail scale. We will have news about this next week. Obviously, our goal is to keep everyone on track to graduate.

--Some Summer programming may be available for students. We are examining the best way to deliver these services.

--Students at some point will be able to retrieve their personal belongings from the school. We are working on a way to allow students to come to the Schools in small groups to get their things. We very much appreciate your patience as we find the best and safest way to do this.

--We will continue to update students and families about fall term and what restrictions, if any, are in place. It may be business as usual and it may not. We just do not know right now.

Thank you for your patience over the next few weeks as we find our way through this. Feel free to call or email me directly with questions.

Andy Boe




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