October is gone and we are headed for November. That means it is Missoula Children’s Theater time at the grade school! This will mark the third year that the District, in conjunction with ETHOS and E.E.A.R, have brought the opportunity to Elkton. Students engage for a week in preparing a theatrical production including all kinds of roles and support positions. We encourage all students to attend tryouts. We will have more information out shortly on dates and times. This year’s play will be a “Si-Fi version of Gulliver’s travels”.

As we head into late fall and winter we encourage all parents to find activities for kids that include exercise and fresh air! With it getting dark earlier it is hard to be outside, but there are lots of options for students including club sports, swim lessons in Roseburg, Cottage Grove or Reedsport, walks on the weekends etc. We encourage you to turn off the devices and get moving! As we get word of different opportunities will try and pass those along to you.

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events as we will have conferences coming up very shortly. These provide an opportunity for teachers to celebrate successes with you as well as address any concerns. Communication is the key to success and we want you to be involved and included. If transportation is a barrier please feel free to contact the office and we will try and make accommodations. Our district understands the need to eliminate as many barriers as we can to communicate with our parents. Good teams have good communication!

I am constantly impressed with our school and the level of education that out students are receiving. We are truly lucky to have such a vibrant setting for students to attend. Our goal is to couple the need for high expectations with a safe and healthy environment. Feel free to give us a call with suggestions or concerns so that we can address them.

Go Elk, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Andy Boe

Elkton Grade School Principal

Choose to care. What I do matters. Find a way or make one. Work hard.  Be nice. Every child, Every day. Never give up. Do what is right. Every minute counts. Provide hope. Whatever it takes…