April 2, 2020

Update from Superintendent Andy Boe

On Monday we received updated guidance from ODE that we will be moving to a new format for our Distance Learning. As of now, we are not grading work and work is not expected to be turned in as it is considered "supplemental". Beginning on April 13th we will be expected to deliver material that will be graded and will not be "supplemental". Our teachers are developing these materials over the next several days and we will have some exciting announcements ready early next week. We have chosen Microsoft Teams as our platform for communicating digital lessons and materials. You may begin to see messages from teachers inviting you to Team meetings. Please open these as they will be the primary conduit of information.  For our older students, you need to begin checking your school email for messages.

We will continue sending packets as we transition to our new learning methodology. These are meant to be supplemental.  I will have much more to update you with early next week. Please be safe and patient in this ever-changing landscape. We are working hard to serve you.

Andy Boe


Elkton School District #34


Please find the Parent/Guardian updates of 3.30.20 in the links to the left, along with where to access free meals for children aged 18 and below.


March 18, 2020

Elkton Families/ Community:

The Elkton School District is working hard to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak. As a District we face the challenge of working with multiple groups to find solutions. None of the things that we are currently doing is more important than our students and their well- being. As many of you know, the State of Oregon has closed our doors through April 28th. This new executive order was issued as a way to slow the transmission of the virus between humans. We had no choice but to follow this executive order. I have listed below answers to a few questions that I am getting from parents and community members. Some of these are partial answers that will evolve as time goes on.  We are working on a plan to deliver supplemental instructional services to students and hope to be ready to begin serving students on April 1st. Please be patient as we develop a plan.

Graduating Seniors: The district is working on a plan that aligns with guidance from ODE to make sure that seniors stay on track to graduate. ODE is engaged in the process of developing guidance that addresses graduation requirements including potential credit waivers. As soon as we have better guidance, we will share.

High School Underclassmen: Every effort is being made by the District to ensure that underclassmen remain on track to graduate. This will include not losing  credit for current classes and planning for next year. Again, we are waiting for ODE to weigh in on acceptable practice to achieve credit.

Making up lost days:  It appears that the executive order allows districts to count service through supplemental materials as “instructional time” This should mitigate the need to make up the days lost to the closure. ODE also offers a waiver process that is available to us.

Food Service: We currently are working on a plan to feed students here in Elkton. At the current time families are being directed to local school Districts that participate in the summer food programs provided by the state.

As more information becomes available we will share with you. Please stay safe and follow the guidance of the health authority to stay well.

Andy Boe


Elkton School District

Choose to care. What I do matters. Find a way or make one. Work hard.  Be nice. Every child, Every day. Never give up. Do what is right. Every minute counts. Provide hope. Whatever it takes…


March 13, 2020

Dear Elkton School District Families and Staff,

Following a state mandate by Governor Brown, the Elkton School District will close schools from Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, March 31. During this time, all school activities, including athletic events and practices, are suspended.

Starting Monday, March 16, and until we reopen, schools will be closed to students. Education staff and school administrators are also expected to be out of the Elkton School District buildings until March 31st. Custodial staff will continue to clean schools during the extended break, prioritizing high-touch surfaces in classrooms and common areas.

We will have sack breakfast/lunch available for students the week of March 16-March 19 and can be picked up at the back door of the grade school kitchen near the baseball field between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and noon for each of these four days.

We will continue to monitor this public health situation and plan to provide an update during the course of this extended break.

OSAA has suspended practice and play through March 31st. Contests will be reevaluated on April 8th by the district.

All public use of school facilities has been suspended until at least April 8th and will be reevaluated then.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Superintendent, Andy Boe





Our Governor  issued the following information:

In addition to previous guidance issued on March 8, 2020 to keep schools open, all non-essential school-associated gatherings and group activities should be canceled — such as group parent meetings, field trips, and competitions.

This effectively postpones all of the above activities in the Elkton School District until such time as new guidance is released. We are waiting for guidance from OSSA on sports practices. We will also be closing our buildings for after hour use by outside groups. We will work on communicating with those groups today.  This includes community access to the weight room. Please be patient as we receive guidance from state agencies on how to proceed.

Andy Boe



March 9, 2020


Dear students and parents,

The Elkton School District continues to work closely with health authorities as the novel coronavirus COVID-19 situation evolves. We share your concerns and are taking measures to keep students and staff safe and healthy by following the recommendations of public health experts.

At this time, public health experts at the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and education officials with the Oregon Department of Education and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission recommend against closing schools and campuses where no cases of COVID-19 are present.

The guidance, which was issued on Sunday, also recommends that schools consider all alternatives before closing a school in the event that a COVID-19 case is detected among students or staff. The guidance identifies important strategies schools can use to reduce the risk of COVID-19 within a school community and protect students from lost instructional time.

The guidance recognizes that the instruction schools provide is vital to student well-being. In addition, schools provide critical services, including meals, for many students experiencing homelessness and poverty.

OHA continues to recommend that all people in Oregon take everyday precautions to prevent the spread of many respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 and influenza:

  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Our district has implemented precautionary measures to help keep students and staff healthy while at school, including the frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

According to health authorities, most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms. If you are feeling sick with mild symptoms and do not need to seek medical care, stay home while you recover. If you are sick and plan to seek care, please call before going in for care so arrangements can be made to prevent exposing others.

You can find more information about COVID-19 at the Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 web page.

Thank you for your time.

Andy Boe


Elkton School District #34

(541) 584-2228 ext. 202



Choose to care. What I do matters. Find a way or make one. Work hard.  Be nice. Every child, Every day. Never give up. Do what is right. Every minute counts. Provide hope. Whatever it takes…