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August 2014

 I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer! The start of school is rapidly approaching. For me this is the best time of the year! Our district buildings and grounds are getting the last few finishing touches.  We are going to be ready to welcome students and staff for the 2014-15 school year in September.  Please swing by in the next few days to collect registration packets and get all of the beginning of the year paperwork out of the way.  If you have questions about what you might need as far as student information, give the office a call and we will be happy to give you a list.

As school starts I wanted to remind everyone that I will be reviewing the student handbook with all grades. I will start at the High School and work my way to kindergarten.  My plan is to meet with the 6-12 classes and focus on our policies around dress code, harassment, intimidation and bullying. I will cover some of these things with K-5, but we will focus on what it takes to be a good citizen, and what it means to follow the rules to get the most out of every day. I want to make the expectations clear so that all students understand what is being asked of them. Please feel free to give me a call if students come home with questions, thoughts or concerns!!

Also, along with the beginning of the year, we are launching a new theme. The 2014-15 school year will be focused on “Leaving a Legacy”. You will see this phrase as we talk with students, staff and the community about what we expect our schools to look like now and for the future. Our entire staff and school board are dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and provides students with the skills to be successful in the “real world”. Our dedication to creating a legacy of learning is at the forefront of all things we do.

I also have been receiving lots of requests for information about the Common Core State standards and the impact that they will have. Please take a look at the following link. It has good information specific to Oregon!

Please keep checking back to this spot as I will be updating it at least monthly. If you have questions, thoughts or ideas please contact me. I am happy to try and answer questions, or at least find the answer! Again, I could not be more excited to be headed into the school year. Go ELKS!!


July 2014


I want to take a moment to thank the Elkton Community for the warm welcome I have received over the last few weeks. This is truly a remarkable place and I consider my family very lucky to be a part of it! I would also like to thank Mike Hughes and Rita VanCampen for their years of dedicated service to our schools and our community! Their hard work will prove to leave a lasting positive impression on our schools.

As the summer is buzzing along you will notice several improvement projects in various stages around the District. Our new fitness facility is nearing completion. This project was funded through grant and district funding. The majority of construction is completed and our crews and contractors will be putting on the finishing touches for the beginning of school. Look for information on our web site for a community open house in late August or early September.

As one project finishes another begins! Work will proceed shortly on the new playshed at the Grade School.  This will replace the old playshed that has given many, many years of shade and cover for students in Elkton and needed to be replaced because of rot. We are extremely excited about the new design and will be watching with all of you as the new structure takes shape. Please be aware that the construction will have an impact on access to the playground during the month of August.  We ask that if you stop in to see the progress that you be mindful of equipment and crews trying to complete the project. There is an assortment of other projects that our staff is completing in preparation for the new school year. They do a great job and are working hard.

I encourage any and all of you to call or stop by to meet me. I will be working most of July and am available to answer questions, or hear concerns, about your schools. I seek to continue the “open door” policy that Mr. Hughes had.   One of the areas that we will continue to focus on will be our communication skills. It is important that we communicate all of the wonderful things that our schools have to offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s get ready for a successful 2014-15 school year.

Go Elks!


Andy Boe


Elkton School District


Elkton Charter School Vision and Mission Statements
Vision Statement:
The Vision of Elkton Charter School is to recognize the exceptional education that can be achieved through a small rural community while empowering our students to be active participants in a global society.
Mission Statement:
Students attending Elkton Charter School will be provided with a K-12 curriculum that is aligned with state standards. Taking advantage of the school’s location and staff talents, natural resources will be used as an integrated context for learning.