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UPDATE 9/26/20 RE: Returning to Onsite Learning and Parent Survey:

Update from Superintendent, Andy Boe:
I wanted to take the time to update you all on the decision to postpone the start of in-person instruction for 4-12th grades. We were told three weeks ago by the Local Health Authority that once the state positivity rate dropped below 5% for three consecutive weeks we could re-open schools according to our County Health numbers. At the time those numbers were below the threshold to open so we set our start dates as September 28th and October 5th. Our logic was that we needed some time to open schools, coordinate foodservice, transportation and complete some construction at the Grade School.
Last week on Wednesday we received news from ODE that the guidance we had received was incorrect and that we could not open schools because our current County rates had increased. This effectively scuttled our plans to re-open. We had a good plan, but ODE said that we needed to wait. We have to respect that decision.
Going forward, I have petitioned ODE to look at the Elkton School District specifically and reconsider earlier guidance that kept us from opening under the Rural Schools exemption that several of the schools in the County had been allowed to use. We were told that we could not open because of our level of out of district students (56%). Their rationale was that bringing so many kids from so many different communities was a bad idea. In my current petition to ODE I am asking them to re-consider this original decision and allow us to open as soon as our County rates drop below 10% and not have to wait the mandated three weeks. The logic is that we should have been able to open in the first place. I will update all of you when we get the official ruling on this from ODE.
All of this has become very complex and nuanced. My hope is that common sense will prevail and we will get the chance to truly make a local decision on opening schools. I encourage all of you to reach out to your elected officials to advocate for your position. The School Board will be tasked ultimately with the decision to open. I encourage all of you to respect that decision as well. The health and safety of everyone in our school system is our first priority. The question becomes can we keep kids safe here at school and manage the risk posed by COVID? There is no question that having kids at school is most effective for the majority of our students. Doing so safely is what are tasked with determining.
Please email or call me at the school if you have questions.
Andy Boe

Superintendent Elkton School District #34

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